Curriculum Intent


We believe that our curriculum should be broad and balanced. Our children's backgrounds, our culture and our climate for learning provide the following drivers that underpin all areas of our curriculum:

High expectations raise aspirations and the standards of both teaching and learning.

A stimulating and wider enrichment curriculum develops a passion for learning and inspires a spirit of curiosity.

SMSC and personal development underpins all our work so we feel valued ensuring physical and mental well-being.

Our safe, stimulating environment challenges us to take risks developing life skills for our future.

High order questioning deepens our thinking and encourages resilience and independence.


We want children to love to learn and through their engagement in learning they develop their confidence, resilience and independence. We do this through an evolving, engaging curriculum.  At the heart of our curriculum is an emphasis on English and drama, independent enquiry, reflective thinking and collaboration. Our curriculum provides accessible opportunities for personal enrichment through a very wide range of visits and visitors; special days and themed weeks.


Curriculum Impact

As a school, we ensure that we track children's progress in all subjects.  We believe this is important because every child is brilliant at something and deserves the chance to receive feedback, make progress and experience opportunities to deepen their learning in all subjects.