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Monday 19th June


In English, have been learning about the story of Cinderella as part of our Talk for Writing – Rags-to-Riches tales.   We created a story map, focusing on the main character's feelings and emotions.

In Maths, we have started a new unit Multiplication and Division, and we have explored equal and unequal groups. We have identified the number of objects in each group and worked out how many groups we can make using a given amount of objects. We used repeated addition as our main method of calculation.

In Geography, we used Atlases to locate the seven continents on a map, and we looked at the distribution of grasslands around the world. We focused on the flora and fauna of  the African continent as part of our `Sensational Safaris` topic.


Friday 26th May

Children in Cherry class enjoyed a draw-along activity with Alexis Deacon - the author and illustrator of Beegu. We then used interesting adjectives to describe our alien drawings and created our own version of the story. 


In Maths, we have been learning about Money. We regrouped and exchanged coins and notes as a way of exploring their value, and we used role play to apply our understanding in real life situations. 



In science, we have been learning about plants. We explored the school field in search of wild and garden plants and used Ipads to record our findings. We planted bean seeds as part of our Science Experiment and we curiously observed the seeds sprout and grow into plants. 




Wednesday 10th May 

In Maths, Cherry class has been adding and subtracting ones from a 2- digit number using the `Make ten` strategy. We applied our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to solve equations and learnt new mathematical vocabulary.

In English, we have been learning how to express our own opinion on a subject. We discussed the story of `The Three Bears and Goldilocks` and listened closely to each character's point of view. 

In Art, we have been exploring the artwork of Antony Gormley. We drew pictures of a human body inspired by his sculptures.