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Early birds breakfast club

To support our working parents we offer Breakfast club which opens at 7.30am until 8.45am and is run by Mrs Pegrum and Miss McCarthy.  Children are offered pancakes, toast and crumpets as well as fruit, cereal and juices to start their day in school.  There is an array of games and activities available to our 'early birds' plus an opportunity to read with an adult or complete homework.

Due to its popularity, we need to ensure that we do not go over safe ratios of children to staff. In order to keep children safe and well cared for, there are strict regulations about the adult to child ratio in Breakfast Clubs. For this reason, parents need to book their child's place in advance. You will be able to book up until 3.00p.m. the day before or until the list is full.

Please do not send your child to Breakfast Club if you have not had confirmation that there is a place available.


Payment must be made no later than the session your child attends. If you have not sent the money into school in advance, please send it with your child that morning. Payment can be made through School Money.

Please note that if you have booked a place for your child, the fee must be paid even if your child does not attend, unless your child is absent from school due to sickness

Children should be brought to the school office where they will be received by the Breakfast Club staff.

At the end of breakfast club, children join the rest of the school in the playground. Children in the EYFS will be escorted to their classes.