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Monday 18th September 2023

Welcome back! Please see below our advertisement for our new 'Junior Leadership Team'. We invite any children from year 6 who would like to be part of this team to please obtain, complete and return an application addressed to Ms Speller by Monday 25th September.

Friday 21st July

Well, what can I say other than WOW! Although we have come to expect the speed at which each year goes, it still feels surreal that we are here at the end. There aren't words to sum up the incredible year had here in Oak class. The children have excelled across the curriculum and have come out the other end confident, driven and ready for the next stage in their education and more importantly in their lives. We have covered such a range of topics from Elizabeth I and II, to  the Tudors, WWI, Scandinavia, water processes and so much more.

We have covered a wide range of writing genres and each child now has such an impressive way with words and vocabulary. This has also been grown through the sensational reading effort in this class. Every single child made solid and above and beyond progress and have developed a real love and appreciation for reading.

Maths has been a real journey this year, where the speed in which the children can solve a reasoning or arithmetic problem using a variety of different methods is beyond impressive. They move from year 5 and year 6 ready and confident for the next stage in their maths journey. 

The last half-term has been a whirlwind of school production, residential and preparing for transition to our new destinations - whether that be into the final year of primary school or off on the next adventure at secondary. We have loved seeing this creative side to the children and watching their personalities really shine.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the families who have supported myself and the school this year in making sure the children have the best start in leading to successful and fruitful lives. And to the children, keep shining bright. Believe in yourselves because each and every one of you are capable of achieving great things. I know I will see or hear your names and feel an exceptional amount of pride in getting to be even a drop in the timeline of your lives.

Friday 23rd June

Oak class are hard at work practising for Sports Day next Friday. We have fine-tuned our javelin, running, relay and multi-sports skills in preparation to showcase our sports prowess. Some of the children had the opportunity to practice this at this week's district sports competition where the children showed good sportsmanship as well as team work.

The class are also gearing up for this year's school production. We have been editing the script together, practising lines, singing some funny and lovely songs as well as dancing and some more fun surprises. Please remember the school production has two performances, the first on Wednesday 12th at 5.30pm and the second on Thursday 13th at 9.30am. 

In our English lessons we have been learning how to write a balanced argument, making sure to be completely unbiased in our wring and using a wide range of wring tools we have learnt over the past year. We have explored whether homework should be banned, if children should be allowed mobile phones at a younger age and whether the summer holidays should be shortened to 4 weeks so far. The discussions have been very interested, and the children were able to come up with points for both sides with examples.

This week concludes our geometry unit in maths, where we have been exploring angles in turns, on lines and in shapes. The children are confident in identifying, measuring and sorting angles and shapes and are beginning to use their mathematical language to discuss each of these elements. 

Geography has been particularly interesting this term as we have explored natural resources and explored the idea of renewable and exhaustible resources. We have also explored the effects of using certain resources on the environments and discussed the pros and cons. We looked at wood and steel in depth: from where it comes from, to its uses and misuses. 

Look out for our delicious food menus coming next week as the children take the knowledge they have obtained this week in DT about balanced diets to create three-course meals for a Come Dine with Me challenge! Ms McCarthy has completed the Tesco order and next week the children will be given a bunch of ingredients to use in their own recipe creations.

Friday 12th May

 Well, what a week it has been in Oak class! This week the year 6 have shown us real drive, determination, resilience, confidence and independence as they have worked through SATs week. It was an absolute marvel to watch them apply all the skills they had learnt throughout their 7 years at Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy, and we are so proud of all they have achieved.  

The year five in Oak class have also shown really drive and resilience this year as they have worked alongside their year 6 classmates, building their knowledge and confidence which they will apply to their own SATs next year. 

Looking forward to the next few weeks we have some amazing curriculum activities. In maths we will be looking at shapes and angle, whilst the year 6 children apply their knowledge across the maths curriculum to create and budget their own theme parks!

In English, we will be exploring tales of fear, revisiting The Tale of the Three Brothers. The children are using eerie setting descriptions, speech and other grammar skills to invest the reader and leave them hanging on to the edge of their seats!

In DT we are exploring the artist Marc Quinn and some of his wonderful (albeit slightly strange!) sculptures and using his work as inspiration for our own. 

The children are working so hard in class and it is wonderful to see their confidence grow across the curriculum!