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School council

Our school council has been elected by their classmates in a fair vote. All candidates had to pitch for why they would be a valuable member of the council.

Meet our councillors....

Intoducing Mustafa - Oak class School Councillor.

'Hi, my name is Mustafa and I am in Year 6.  I am proud to be representing our School - Stapleford Abbotts because I am very happy here.  Our teachers are really kind because they are patient and they want to spend time with you to find your strengths and areas for development.  If you would like to come for a visit to our lovely school both myself and Ella-Rose would be more than happy to show you around our small but mighty village school.

'Hi, I'm Ella-Rose and I am also Oak class School Councillor.  Some of my jobs are to help new children arriving in the school to settle in and find their way around and check if anyone is on the Buddy Bench at lunchtime and find them a friend.  

I have great ideas for our school which is part of TKAT - one being to raise money to buy more playground equipment for example hula-hoops, basketballs and footballs so we can play more games at breaktime.  

A fun fact about me is that I love 'Stitch' from Lilo and Stitch.  He is cute and funny because he is a wild alien koala!'

Hi my name is Caua, and I am the School representative for Sycamore class at Stapleford Abbotts School.  I like trains, buses and aeroplanes and cars.   I particularly like maths because I am good at it.  Come and visit our school!

'Hello, my name is Jude and I represent Silver Birch class on the School Council.  If you need a friend I will always come and help you find one if you're sitting on the Buddy bench.  We raised money for our bench by putting on a Christmas bake sale and raised £340.  I love my school because we have fun in class.


'Hello my name is Ayla, and I am also the class representative for Silver Birch.  I love my school because our lovely teachers plan amazing lessons for us for example in art I am learning how to create shadow drawings with charcoal.  My favourite thing to do at school is writing scary stories because I have so many ideas in my head I have to get them onto paper and share them.  My teacher loves reading them!' 

A fun fact about me is that I obsessed with giraffes and their long necks which go into the sky.  Their markings are so beautiful and not one giraffe has the same patterns.  My toy giraffe is called susan'. 

'My name is Ruby.  I am in Cherry class.  I like unicorns and the colour red.  I like to learn about all different countries because I like to find out about the world.  I am a good friend to children in Cherry class because I am kind.'

'Hi, my name is Abie and I am the school counsellor for Cherry class too.  I like to go the the park and play with my friends.  I like to read and my favourite book is Flat Stanley.   My class chose me because I am kind and care about others.'

Introducing Ellie - School Councillor for Sycamore class 

'Hi, my name is Ellie and I am 7 years old.  I am proud of my school because we work really hard and our learning is fun.  We are kind and confident pupils at Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy and always try our hardest to achieve medals of success and our personal goals'