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Silver Birch class page

Wednesday 10th May 2023

Silver Birched loved celebrating King Charles III Coronation last week, with many royal activities and a royal tea party!

This week Silver Birch have started a new topic in English.  We are learning how to present and structure a discussion. As we are focusing on discussions within non-fiction writing we have chosen to use the traditional tale of the Three Little Pigs, with the posing question of the discussion being; 'Is the wolf really to blame?'. 
The children were split into teams, pig and wolf. The children then thought of for and against points for their character to defend their side of the story whilst also considering the other point of view.

The children have loved learning about the Ancient Egyptians in History, exploring the tombs and chambers of The Great Pyramid, learning about Tutankhamun and mummification.

In Maths the children have been learning about telling the time, in an analogue format and digital format, as well as being able to work out durations of time. This can be a tricky topic, however the children have done so well! The Year 4's have also been practicing for their multiplication check and are showing us how amazing they are!


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