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Sycamore class page

Friday 21st July

What an incredible end to our year.

The children have worked hard learning about the rainforest this half-term and have fully emersed themselves in their learning. 

In our writing we have looked at recounts and have written about the rainforest and written persuasive letter to try and protect them from deforestation. This writing has been based off our book we have read The Great Kapok Tree.

Our DT was also linked, and the children created fruit salads using cutting skills and were able to try new exotic fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate, dragon fruit and kiwi. 

The children have had a great time meeting their new teachers and have done PSHE all of the last week to discuss their worries and what they are looking forward to.

Good luck Sycamore class on your next adventure.

Friday 16th June 

This week the children have continued their learning, following our incredible trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. We have learnt about the Amazon rainforest, the different layers and where certain animals live as well as deforestation and what can be to save the rainforest in the future!! All the children made a promise to make a change to be a part of this happening.

In maths, we have looked at measuring through temperature and capacity. The children use measuring jugs and thermometers to take measurements and next week we will look at comparing them. In arithmetic, we are learning to carry 2 digit additions and discussed how important presentation is to allow this to happen.

Science was bought to life this week and children are comparing if chickpeas will grow as well with or without soil. They are now on the side of our classroom ready for the children to study and learn from. 

Next week, we will be discussing the food groups and healthy eating and move on to create a healthy exotic fruit salad in Food Technology. This will involve lots of cutting skills to prepare them to start making dinners at home. 

Thank you for another great week of learning! 



Thursday 11th May

 This week the children have been working extremely hard and learning lots of new skills. 

In reading we have focused on skills needed to retrieve answers, such as scanning the text for keywords. The children have read about Kings, London and swimming pools and have had lots of interesting discussions. We have quizzed lots on our reading books and continue to challenge ourselves by choosing books with more text.

In Maths, we have revised lots of our key knowledge from the whole year. The children have improved drastically at jumping between calculations and using prior knowledge. We have competitions of times table bingo and continue to improve our TTRockstars scores. 

In Science, we are learning about rocks and looking at how rocks and fossils are formed. We looked at Mary Anning and her link to the discovery of the skull of an Ichthyosaurus. The children have enjoyed making and drawing their own fossils.

A lovely week, thank you Sycamore Class.

Mrs Chalmers and Mrs Jay 

The children made a Mould Fossil