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Welcome from the Headteacher

 Mrs Marnie Tait

A warm welcome to Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy from Mrs Tait - Headteacher

We are a Primary Academy set on the borders of Essex and Havering serving the community of Stapleford Abbotts since 1887. We have Acorns preschool on site, so our children can join us the term before they turn 3 years old. Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy is a member of The Kemnal Academy Trust (TKAT) which is one of the largest multi-academy trusts in the country with 45 schools in the TKAT family.  We are one of 4 primary academies in the Essex TKAT region.

Highlights from Our OFSTED report (Jan 2022)

  • Children wear their uniform with pride’

  • ‘Teachers have high expectations of pupils in both learning and behaviour’

  • ‘Pupils try very hard’

  • ‘They are motivated by the possibility of wearing a cape (of Success) or medal to show that they have demonstrated key learning behaviours such as ‘independence’ and 'drive'

  • ‘Methods for teaching reading across the school are highly consistent’

  • ‘Pupils enjoy reading’

  • ‘Leaders identify the essential knowledge and content that pupils should be taught in each subject’

  • ‘Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have their needs identified, planned for and met. Consequently, they progress through the curriculum alongside others’

  • ‘In EYFS, children are active participants in their learning’

  • ‘Pupils are taught about being respectful and tolerant’

'Success for all'

We are a small, happy and successful school that combines high academic expectations with a child-centred approach where every child is valued for their own unique personality, abilities and talents.  We know all children can be SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS irrelevant of their starting points and we value what every child can bring to their learning.

Through a research based curriculum we offer first-class education enabling all children to become confident, successful, resilient and independent. Staff create a high performing and inspirational learning experience, where our children embrace a love of learning and are motivated to succeed.

Our mission statement is Success for all, and we truly believe that a team approach between children, parents and staff is the best way to educate children for their lives ahead.
School pledge
Our school pledge is important to us all and is referred to regularly. It sets the expectations of how we conduct ourselves at Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy.

Capes and medals of success
Each cape and medal of success represents a Learning Behaviour children can demonstrate to become resilient learners. Key Stage One children are awarded a cape of success or medal in Key Stage Two for showing one of our 5 key Learning Behaviours:
  • Resilience - Being able to recover quickly from difficulties
  • Drive - Go over and above to achieve your goals.
  • Quality - Always try your best with the presentation of your learning.
  • Concentration - Think hard about your learning.
  • Independence - Try to have a go on your own
Teachers add names to a jar if a child has demonstrated a key learning behaviour and at the end of each term all names go into a big draw to receive a special prize. Our staff and parents are really proud of how our children strive to become resilient learners who will push themselves to go 'the extra mile' to achieve.

Teaching and Learning
We have an unrelenting focus on teaching and learning. Every teacher, teaching assistant, administrator and technician is focused on improving the learning opportunities for our children. We are confident that we can give your child the skills to become lifelong independent learners and give them the best possible platform to prepare them for university, college and twenty-first century life.
'Free thinkers'.
To develop our children's ability to think 'outside the box', we ask a philosophical question each Friday such as 'Why do elephants have big ears?', 'What do birds say to one another?, 'Why is the sky blue?' and 'What is love?' Free Thinking Friday provides opportunities for our children to answer questions which do not have a specific answer, allows for philosophical thinking and engages children in interesting discussions with their peers.
Outstanding green spaces
Our children enjoy the most stunning outside field throughout the day which backs onto farmland which is wonderful when the farmer is in his tractor and the children follow him along the fence during at harvestime.  It truly is beautiful and offers the children a huge area to play in and it is our base for Forest School each week.

'A little bit' about Mrs Tait

Throughout my 17 years in Primary Education, I have had the opportunity to teach and lead in a variety of settings both across Essex and Hertfordshire, motivating and inspiring children to achieve their very best.  I am committed to providing high quality, inspiring and memorable learning experiences for the children I serve, as well as providing  exciting broader opportunities for all pupils. 

When not at school, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three grown-up children.  We share a love of music and enjoy attending concerts and singing and playing in local choirs and orchestras.

I am proud to be the Headteacher of Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy and strive to build on the school's successes as we move towards a bright future; one of educational excellence and 'success for all'.

Our website is designed to help you if you are considering Stapleford Abbotts Primary Academy as a school for your child, however nothing can replace a visit in person.  We are always happy to meet you and show parents around our beautiful 'BIG, little school'.  We are proud of our learning and love to welcome visitors to show it off!
Mrs Marnie Tait